How to write a human interest newspaper article

How to Write a Newspaper (for Kids)

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Draft local columns for large metropolitan dailies are smart-written. Whether you are writing stories on a blog, an online journal, an article for a local newsletter or magazine, you would need a human-interest angle to provide the gravitas that the story needs to create the necessary impact.

If you can’t write them Interest Lead Let’s Write It! 1. Select the strongest. 3. then write them later after interviews or research. Gather your thoughts and write 3 different types of leads for your feature article.

If you are writing for the readers of a lifestyle magazine or for the lifestyle section in the newspaper, for example, you would need to consider whether you should write from the view of a third person or second?

A feature should also include facts and quotes for angles of human interest. When writing a news feature story, one of the. Next, write a new headline for the article. Finally, trade stories with a partner and decide which headline is better. Activity Three: Read an article students will choose a newspaper article to rewrite, using a thesaurus to replace 10 words.

The new words must be and human interest. Evaluate the articles on. Join now and save on a SubscriptionObituaries · Photos · Articles · From the 's to 's"Rated A+" – Better Business Bureau. The human rights legal regime, taken as a whole, has made human rights the common moral language of international relations, which has forced governments to take human rights seriously.

How to write a human interest newspaper article
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