Thesis statement on performance enhancing drugs

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Thesis Statement: Performance-enhancing drugs harm the health of athletes, damage the integrity of sport, and cause cheating; therefore, they should be prohibited from all sports.

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Jun 10,  · What is a good thesis statement for Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports? Ineed 4 different thesis statements on performance enhancing drugs and sports.? Should those who spread false stories of players using Performance enhancing drugs & about to get ->?Status: Resolved.

There may not be a right answer to the question of whether performance enhancing drugs should be l al in sports or not, but as long as the spirit of competitiveness is on the rise, the use of these drugs will never disappear unless.

Feb 05,  · Help with my thesis for Performance - Enhancing Drugs and Athletes I need some help making my thisis more arguable, and maybe worded a litte better.

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